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Marina Michenet is the artistic director of the brand and for more than 25 years a professional makeup artist for famous on international scene (personalities from fashion, cinema, sport, TV and the business world). She collaborates with magazines such as Paris Match, Gala, Le Monde, Le Point, L’Obs, Le Figaro, among others.


During a shoot in the streets of Paris, she saw her work tools literally melt during the heatwave of 2017. Pencils, lipsticks and face creams become unusable.

Marina looked for an isotherm bag to protect them, but could not find any model likely to meet the functional but also aesthetic requirements of her high-end clientele


The idea was born : to make a practical, aesthetic and isotherm bag. Marina's creations are a great success in her private and professional circles, and orders are pouring in.


His French workshop, created two years ago, symbolizes the artisanal know-how linked to the passion that drives her. “Never give up” is his 'trademark' and is confirmed by the success of his creations.

Her story continues to inspire the path of many other women in achieving their dreams.

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