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Paniers isothermes
Travail du cuir
Tressage de vannerie
Herbe blanche


Basketry, saddlery and ropemaking are crafts with artisanal techniques passed down from generation to generation which inspire us and which we like to explore by combining business with pleasure.

Our line of isotherm accessories was born from reflection on the effects and consequences of global warming.

Totally innovative, we create bags, shopping bags, kits, pouches and baskets with an elegant look, for the transport of food, drinks, makeup, diabetic insulin, sunscreen or fruits from market, in complete safety.

Resolutely contemporary, our items have a high thermal performance index respecting the cold and heat chain with refined aesthetics.

Distributed in multi-brand stores and our e-shop, our clients are also companies that communicate through functional and durable objects.

Matériaux recyclés

recycled materials

Coupe de matériaux textiles


Machine à coudre

isotherm making

Machine à coudre pose des velcros


Trousse isotherme fabriquée en France

Made in France



Each piece is unique

Our items are made in our Parisian workshop, with recycled textile materials.

We also offer personalized wicker items that are found throughout our travels.

All baskets are entirely handmade, so dimensions and colors may vary slightly.

The materials may also have slight irregularities, inherent to manual and artisanal work.


The interiors are always isotherm and allow a set temperature to be maintained, cold or hot, for several hours and on all occasions, combining high-performance thermal insulation.


By car, bike or boat, keeping drinks cold, keeping sunscreen at the right temperature or sheltering cell phones from scorching heat becomes possible.

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